Some Testimonials from Trip Advisor

Excellent professional massage!
Having tried a few massage places in Malta I have to say that Sukanya is definitely the best masseuses on the island. If you are looking for a proper massage this is the place to go!

Excellent professional massage!Very good value for money with the lovely lady who really knows what she’s dooing, clean and relaxing ambient, a really professional massage parlour and without doubt one of the best if not the best on the island, great job and a big thank you 🙂

Are you looking for a heavenly massage?
Yes, heavenly.. This was what you were looking for…
In this place they will treat you well (Spoil you), they’ll make you feel good BUT like at home. They are dedicated to make you feel relaxed. Lucky Thai Massage offers a quality service, they are professionals and perfectionist. Place is small and clean.
Highly recommended!

Authentic & excellent Thai massage.
As an Ashtanga practitioner, mental, physical & energetic balance are what I am looking for. Releasing tension is no luxury and is also necessary for the energy to flow and rise. This is the place to go : Ti will take care of you exactly the way you need. For having tried other Thai massage places, I can safely and most definitely recommend Lucky Thai massage as my favourite and the best in the island. It’s to me the most satisfactory way of spending my money : I always feel energised, lighter and happy afterwards, and I keep wishing the hour didn’t fly so fast. Plus, they are not only professional, but really warm 🙂 I honestly only have positive feedback !

Excellent, Professional Massage
Value for money; friendly staff; no time-watching; booking on short notice; really effective and result-producing service. Thumbs up to this place!!!